Random Quotes #6

Life is basically like an episode of friends. Hard and unfortunate but weird and fun at the same time.



Kids are swell creatures aren’t they? Annoying and cute, one of the greatest company as well as the highest nuisances you could have in this world.

However no matter what you got to love the little ducklings or monkeys or whatever cute animal you want to compare them with. I would prefer just kids though because somewhere in the distance a duck goes like “Quaack?”.

As we all know, at our tender age we were all the worst masterminds or just at our peak of being diabolical when it comes to playing the pranks fashionable to five-ten year olds.

Well lessons from mojo and bugs bunny aside we also do get those kids who do the exact opposite at that age, like show their talent in gymnastics, mathematics, and many more.

Don’t worry, I am not going to take you straight from the happy world into the boring reality just yet. Also I am not forgetting the ones who ain’t on the zenith of childhood brilliance.

Those kids who break average IQ bars of that age though are amazing according to me. They define evolution at it’s finest.

They express their dormant talent rather subconsciously which makes them among the lucky and faster ones. Either they show a rather innate interest or they are put into the process of honing the right skills for the day they are asked about their achievements in an interview.

I swear, even those evil brats actually deviate their way to the doing the right thing. Sometimes even that is life. Your experiences teach you what you’re good at. In the same way, whether it’s a martyr or even a terrorist.

We all hone our way into what we do later, perhaps it could even be said that it was the path meant to be created. Yes though, it was the one chosen and the others could have been too but the point is that the way the kid went, his experience lead him there. His talented mind and soul gave him the gracious command that “Bro we got to do this next and then that and then oooh that too” and here we are. That’s how all those kids grow up.

Some grow up climbing a tree all the way to Hollywood while some try chasing an ant until he reaches Madison Square Garden.

We have always loved growing up and then have looked back afterwards. Our children will do that as will their children and they will do it while going through this same process of internalization.

For all kids, even us and those of the future we all know how it all happens. Seems very uncontrolled but to be honest somehow we were controlling ourselves. We just didn’t realize it, we had made some proper decisions while playing with a lot of other ones which would sometimes result to a broken vase or just a broken knee. We’ve all tried our best to be great at what we did and aced it and worked hard towards being good where we failed miserably.





On the Edge

Life, a fact worth discussion. So fast, it doesn’t even break a sweat. Doesn’t even glance at us to look at what we are feeling. Are we even worth it then? Do we even matter?

It clearly doesn’t even want to look at what we feel. We seem like grass left to just wither away. Why should we have to face such agony and unimportance from ourselves.

Have you ever wondered about how unfair it is that the so called person up there can give you nice apples this minute and next minute when you take a bite it tastes inexplicably sour?

Isn’t that example funny? It just makes you realize you cannot even control the fruit you yourself grow.

He: What if when you give yourself away to me?

And then you realize the contradiction.

However do you really think then we are at fault?

“No! It’s not” I say. “It’s not your fault. Don’t think that it is. I’ll slap you if you think that.”

It’s the fault of situation. It’s led by causality, a causality that is seemingly sudden but has stray links.

You start feeling angry at first, then the calm gradually floods out.

The lack of control ravages many leading them to a state of bitter calmness.

The calmness learns pass and bring a blue sky.

I continue in search for a way to refrain it from getting darker again.

We’re just always on the edge aren’t we?

Trying to keep on letting it pass.



The First Time

The day when you saw her the first time. The first one obviously. The second one is beautiful, smart, pleasurable and great too but we all know that thing about the first.

Well the situation usually starts with something like this:

“I love her okay!! Noone look at her until I break up with her after I get her or I am over her after I don’t. So what I do now? Oh wait I told you not to look sorry. First order cancelled. Look at her like anything but that and tell me what to do.”

Okay perhaps I am kidding, that happens with me more. Okay! Okay! just me.


Now let’s say it takes a few……okay let’s not be too subtle. Lots of moments of peril and finally you get that perfect moment where chances are greater.

Now the grand moment that all of you have been yearning for. The moment when he finally says it. Like the idiot finally stops dawdling around and ruining the climatic moments every time with a ridiculous excuse or temporary plot change.

“I love you”

“You really mean a lot to me.”

“I like you a lot.”

Whichever lines or paragraphs it may have been. Point is, it was utterly romantic. And now:


“Yes! I love you too.”


Dammit! Tears of pride and joy! Oh my god! Can you feel the happiness and hear some extremely romantic song playing?

Beautiful! A sight to see. They kiss. They cuddle. Years go by as it gets serious. Their love takes them to the next level.


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you babies!

For legal purposes, they venture into the marriage court.

“Bro you have a great life. Beautiful wife, a cute kid and a happy marriage”

Okay so that was one life. Another is they break up before the next level.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the period of enlightenment.

Either via problems or it’s on mature terms. Let’s choose the latter in the next life.

We realize that it was special irrespective of whether it’s gone or if it stayed, it was the “first time” and nothing beats it. The cough from your first sip of vodka, the first time you fell on the ground, the other first time and yes, your first kiss. The second doesn’t come close.

Now if you didn’t get her, that’s a very long, and depressing story for a day we’ll devote to crying.

P.S. If they break up like after fifteen-sixteen years of marriage, let’s just say that happens too but they both know how much of worth their first time was.


Stating the Obvious

Life is a genre that contains all genres. That’s something obvious.

Let’s state something even more obvious, the generation of today can survive a day without water but cannot survive an hour without wifi. Wireless connection is god man.

Wifi is the reason the Phileas Fogg of 2016 can travel around the world in eight seconds while staying at home and wont need to waste 69,11,992 seconds more travelling outside.

In certain countries if you don’t speak the language they speak, shouting “Help!!” will only get you the answer that translates to “Hi!”.

Here’s another obvious thing, your female crush who speaks in the same language as you is harder to understand than your little pet dog who speaks in bowwow language.

Since we are carrying on with this, let’s all face another obvious thing. Some people might just skip words in this passage or have actually taken the time to understand why it was 69,11,992. Some people might have just escaped from reading uptil here altogether.

The obvious thing is that everything is so obvious that it’s actually complicated, and when you realize that, you obviously would be so angry that you laugh instead of crying which has become an obvious reaction nowadays.

Now let me tell you things that aren’t too obvious, for example there would be no way to understand if the writer of a certain passage or essay is starving for the last 6 hours, high on coffee or in the mood to do some push-ups unless he chooses to give a literary hint. The fact that a person teaching history doesn’t like Akbar.

It’s all unexpectedly hard to foresee but chances being true are obvious.

Now let me ask you one of the least obvious questions in the world:

“Are you sleepy right now?”

If you are then I really don’t want to know why.

Isn’t that obvious?


The Twist of It

Life is like a headache. It’s immensely painful but with some aspirin you can be free of the unbearable feeling that it gives. In life one must find that aspirin and always keep it with oneself. But like every wise person, he must also try prevention first.

The crazy thing is you always need an antidote but you always know that prevention should be taken into account. Cough syrup is for the danger when it arrives but boosting one’s immunity by giving importance to the right sustenance is needed too.

The fact is that life is a paradox where nothing really makes sense which is the only thing that actually makes sense. Make sense?

All you need to go through life is to either not try to understand it and reason with it or try to fight back and control it.

However believe it or not the true answer is neither. The actual procedure is to let go and be unaffected.

If that’s not right then what has all those sayings regarding no one helping anyone but themselves and your biggest enemy is yourself taught you?

The idea is not to use the one that’s right, but the one that works.

The straight point is that life is twisted and you have to find a twist that works for you, which might be taking the twist with a straight face or straight on looking at the problem with a twisted smile.

That’s the twist of it.


Changing What’s Done

The Sea of life
filled with endless regret
Because of the infinite strife
Sometimes our goals aren’t met
However if I could be born again
or maybe just go back in time
I could stop that which made it insane
Maybe even change any bad rhyme
If I could go back, I’d obviously try changing a lot
as there’s never less mistakes for any
Cause, like me that is what many will have sought
Leaving others, mine at least are more than many
If I had to rank them or place by number
The choices for this will be as hard as was then
The list would be taller than a giant cucumber
Cause I’ll want to change even this all over again

Firstly it will be my ability to take information
for which the method may have been wrong
However when its dire, a solution is a solution
I have other mistakes to change, so must not take long
Therefore if I can change my performances on paper
It will change many of what’s happened so far
So much that instead my achievements will skyscraper
My dad might even give me my own car
Next I would modify my strategies in chess
All the mistakes I’ve made in all tournaments so far
Then instead of me, my opponents will end up in a mess
Giving me many more wins and making me a star
If I had the power to go back I’d change everything I’ve said
and show something different and give a cause for more attention
Creating a much better impression than which has been made
Only then will I get the love and the cause for temporary salvation

From the fake, deceiving “I love you”s to the honest, real ones
and all other swears do I yearn to rearrange
From the weird “Now I know what ice feels like” to the sudden turns
All these are so much that I’d just love to change