On the Edge

Life, a fact worth discussion. So fast, it doesn’t even break a sweat. Doesn’t even glance at us to look at what we are feeling. Are we even worth it then? Do we even matter?

It clearly doesn’t even want to look at what we feel. We seem like grass left to just wither away. Why should we have to face such agony and unimportance from ourselves.

Have you ever wondered about how unfair it is that the so called person up there can give you nice apples this minute and next minute when you take a bite it tastes inexplicably sour?

Isn’t that example funny? It just makes you realize you cannot even control the fruit you yourself grow.

He: What if when you give yourself away to me?

And then you realize the contradiction.

However do you really think then we are at fault?

“No! It’s not” I say. “It’s not your fault. Don’t think that it is. I’ll slap you if you think that.”

It’s the fault of situation. It’s led by causality, a causality that is seemingly sudden but has stray links.

You start feeling angry at first, then the calm gradually floods out.

The lack of control ravages many leading them to a state of bitter calmness.

The calmness learns pass and bring a blue sky.

I continue in search for a way to refrain it from getting darker again.

We’re just always on the edge aren’t we?

Trying to keep on letting it pass.




Those Moments

You know that moment when you want to say something but you can’t really say it?

No I am not talking about when you’re in front of Irina Shayk.

Seriously. It’s just those moments, when you want to feel and express something but you are just unable to. It isn’t that you’re incapable of it but unable to for a particular time during that particular moment.


Like for example you also suddenly see that your jokes fail and you end up saying something weird. People say “He’s like that” but it’s not the case. You know it and even know it that “Boy he is funny. What in heavens name happens to him sometimes.”. Well as a normal person you’d try to let it pass, forget the embarrassment, and try not to relive it another day. Though the comedian would either make a comeback joke or talk about the incident another day. Express the truth that “My jokes cheat on me sometimes. Very unfaithful they are when they see a funnier looking guy nearby. I feel so helpless when that happens, I mean there’s no procedure for working out when it comes to your funniness. Like if there were, a comedian would really be licensed to kill. There would be a James Bond of comedy. Let’s not go into how Blofeld died in this case.”

Isn’t it funny how this is supposed to be a tragic topic?

All that aside, there is an emptiness that we feel sometimes. There are those extraordinary moments when your brain simply refuses to give you correct output. Thank goodness the brain doesn’t completely stop or else I wouldn’t be telling you about it. One of those moments basically when your brain decides to tell you “I’m the shizz k bro. Without the shizz you can’t be the shizz.”

Hence “Relationship status: It’s Complicated”.

That’s the weird paradox. We can think, our thoughts seem fine and smart but somewhere you know you ain’t doing it right, like something’s missing. That otherwise flow or level of thought has gone on holiday. You hate it when it does that without proper permission. At the end you suffer because of it. It leaves a dent in your social status every time.

There……I feel it now……again! Yep!

Ladies and gentlemen I give you: Writer’s Block!