A Mid-Situation

Have you realized we talk about positive  and negative but not in between. It never matters.It’s either our chosen utopia or a failed dystopia. Why? Cause success shows the light and failure results in darkness. Is it really that easy to lose everything just by losing? I haven’t lost it yet. It is actually true, failure is the pillar to success because it does teach you things. However what it also does is give you some benefits from failing somewhere else.Remember the road you took and realized it was a dead end and had to go all the way back which caused you to be extra late for class? Well that failure led you to fail in being able to give your paper instead of giving a blank one anyway.

Well you see, you can actually still have something even you’ve lost a lot and similarly you can recognize that you can be left in the middle also. You can be left without anything but with something basically. Like having a cracker but losing the cookie.Win-win situations are different though. That’s when you add the phrase “Although really hungry”.In this situation, if you fail and get something in return or gain nothing it does matter. Don’t torture yourself to depravity because of  the many cookies that you lose everyday, pat yourself on the shoulder cause each gave you at least three other things.

We always worry so much about what’s gone that sometimes we don’t realize that most of it that’s gone either becomes minute in weight relative to what you got in exchange or it was a small thing to lose in the first place because of the many other things you already have.

It’s always more of a mid-situation never a win-loss. A win-win situation is just relative to the overall situation. Let’s leave it at that.

Just bid your losses goodbye like “I will surely miss you” but leave it at that. Treat it as a form of fate and it was fated that you learn that from this loss. This is how you suddenly realize after a bit that you’re in the same state. You’re back to square one and now it feels like nothing happened. That makes it a mid-situation. Others call it “Enlightenment” but we can all understand it basically refers to faith.