I see them. They are actually everywhere but then they are not. I can feel them whispering from the inner shadows.

They speak to me in my sleep. They tell me things that I want to know, and sometimes things that I don’t.

They talk. They emphasize. They quarrel.They are the voices that decide right from wrong……..but there are none.


“They think you’re useless?”

“Yes he should.”

“You want to take that?”

“No he shouldn’t.”

“I’ll tell you what you should do………….Kill them! Kill them all!”

You suddenly even clench your fists because of the seizures. Seemingly random but not without cause. They are telling you their own motives.

Sometimes they even tell you to pick up a bat and hit your closest friend.

I tell you, the voices can be random themselves hence it’s completely them when you think about it.

Sometimes you are leaning forward on a balcony and they tell you “Jump!”

They think they are very helpful. To some their words are the sweet plague while to others they are your imaginary friends who you talk to in between moments.

I shall tell you, that they are watching you right now.

They are suddenly going to come


and boom!! They hit you.

Just like the nicotin. In a minute you’re back.

But in the last minute you just went through something you cannot explain.

You see, they are watching you and waiting for the right time to pester you each time. They wait each time for the perfect moment to make you go “AAAAAHHHHH!”

They drain you very quietly, in exchange for thoughts.

Just like that.Literally. And quite suddenly.

They are the answer to your individuality. They inject the right words to let the reaction out. The one that you so hide. The one you exchange for the one you show.

But among all these voices is the voice that calms you down and the voice that tells you not to listen to the others. The clarity. The shield to the insanity.

She tells you “Stop and start thinking now.”

“You love me right?”

“Yes I do.”

Finally you have the voice that matters. Your own.

Her’s matters too though and she’s telling me to stop now and I have to listen. That’s my voice saying.



This is Goodbye

The feeling
of withering away
like a helpless flower
sitting in a dark corner on the edge
Am I truly gonna go back there?
Is this really the end of my beginning?
Tears make no difference
I have to leave
I am not strong enough
I have failed them
I am so not tough

No I refuse to believe
but deep inside I don’t want to suffer
There are many who I am going to leave
I will miss them so much
I am only kidding myself
The idiots will never forgive me
They will drag me back again
Am I being heartless towards them?
They are going to punish me real bad
after they bring me back
However I wish I could’ve done more
From everything that’s raged, I feel so sore
I’m slowly losing my will
my consciousness is fading
No!! I must get up
I can’t lose hope

I spit out my negativity
Is this really the color
that marks my end
The color  of the necklace she wore
If I could but see her face once more
But I can’t let her see me like this
There are some things she has to miss
(sniggers) They are all idiots
but I guess so am I
(sighh) I guess this is Goodbye