Beastly Fiction

Rotting away into madness.

Slaying into one’s dreams.

Cursing away into a shallow melancholia

Surfacing at least once, in bitter streams


A small rose, belonging to the beast

Beauty turns a nod once every red moon


“Take this rose in exchange for shelter from the bitter cold”

“Go away!”


As he is turned away, the rose looks up

An imaginary smile but there was a real embrace.


“Thank you for letting me in”

Beauty welcomed the beast after all


The passive surface of two minds is his domain

The words uttered did not remain

It kept him still

Two souls entered melancholia

The world now went in for the kill


Sudden silence caught his pace

All his flaws reached him now

Sudden minds pierced him silly

The fell did see as they won the race


As his utter silence did cry out

She kept her book and sang oblivious

A hidden parchment in her thoughts

Crumpled language here and about

As the claws hustled back in control

Anger steady, suffering still did behold

In between his fingers, rested a red soul

Terrified of the invisible anguish

Quietly feeling the same noisy toll


A silent question

The little overseer lay in wonder

His silent pat displayed his hidden answer


As she started a new story

A distant fiction shed it’s glory




Bollywood Music Project

Some occasions are said to be too grand for words. Some are described as those that luck has brought before you while others are said to be some auspicious times when you got to explore something new. This however I would say was neither of these but something unique on it’s own which was put together on the 30th of September and 1st of October 2016 at BKC, Mumbai. There are numerous occasions when we sit on our couches at home with some food and open our TVs and watch Bollywood award shows like Filmfare, Colors Awards, and what not. To some extent this concert brought that feeling for all those people who cannot pay huge sums of money to sit and watch numerous stars perform. This occasion brought forward chances for people to get to hear performances by both big sensations as well as lesser known but qualified stars.

For any show it’s as they say “The stage is set” but in this case there wasn’t one but two which were for the purpose of organizing simultaneous performances. It just might’ve been intentionally done to show some form of competition between singers while giving the crowd options. It also helped in levelling the crowd, stage placement with respect to refreshment stalls and sitting areas was done quite well. The timings and order of performances seemed planned quite nicely. The best were saved for last to make sure after six long hours the right ones were there to put the energy right back up during the last 90 minutes. The first day gifted the audience a lot of familiar names such as Arjun Kanungo, Papon, sensational Sonakshi Sinha, veteran singer Rekha Bhardwaj and the showstopperbeing Bollywood’s singing duo Vishal-Shekhar. Unfortunately for the audience, Amit Trivedi could not be present. The second day brought names like the duo of Sachin-Jigar, Indian rapper Badshah, composer siblings Sajid-Wajid, and showstopper being Arijit Singh. Every singer had slots of around 15-20 minutes to around 30-40 minutes depending on the level of popularity he had. Those such as Sonakshi Sinha, Rekha Bhardwaj and Vishal-Shekhar who had the later night slots on the first day had slots of around 40 minutes. Similar on the second day regarding those like Arijit, Sachin-Jigar and Badshah. On average every performer sang around 5-8 songs out of which some were their hits and some were covers.


14523117_1782332845339149_6832820395725714265_n                 sonakshi160


The show started on the first day with simultaneous performances on both stages by a couple of top knotch bands. As the excitement grew higher, so did the crowd and soon the energy could be felt all around. On the first day the main wait was for many such as Arjun Kanungo for Phursat lovers, Hard Kaur for the rap style dance music lovers, Rekha Bhardwaj, and Amit Trivedi who’s absence was the only disappointment. On the second day the ones were namely Sajid-Wajid, Sachin-Jigar but mainly Arijit Singh. Also on each of the days we had Bhoomi Trivedi on the first and Shashi Suman on the second day, two of the singers who were in the Top 5 on Season 5 of Indian Idol. The show began with Stage 1 winning the battle but then as it went on you would realize that both stages maintained a tie because great moves were being played on top of each of them. During the day the performances were a bit more versatile as the energy was fresh, with there being a different genre of music playing in each. One having classical while the other has a bit of rock. One having mixed while the other is rap. If the left stage had romantic then other one having party type. This was quite unintentional but came as a good improvisation from the concert’s side of it. Towards night time however there was just one add on, it was more “filmy”. On the first night it was Rekha Bhardwaj vs Vishal-Shekhar. Each of the more well-known singers got us grooving to their recent hits while the bands got us shaking to their unique and sensational covers. Arjun Kanungo sang his widely loved “Phursat” as well as his new upcoming song before it’s released. Hard Kaur did what was expected and more with the help of her team and didn’t let us stop grooving for a second with “Party abhi baki hai” and many more. So many singers and good songs to hear but so little time. A lot of us felt that way. Ending the respective days with Rekhaji and Arijit was the soother one would say, the calming effect after the storming excitement with “Genda Phool” and “Kabira”. Arijit made us seriously go “Ae dil hai Mushkil”. On the second day Sajid-Wajid came, saw, and conquered the crowd too “Slowly Slowly” with “Gulaabi” and “Jee karda”.

A Groovy Party

If you thought the names were enough to tell that both days were going to be two of the best days in the lives of those few hundred mumbaikers then you were right. The performances were so great most of the times people were too confused about when they should take a break from grooving to get a bite of pizza or shwarma. The true essence of a party is when your feet are killing you and you need rest but you still cannot stop. The Bollywood Music Project brought in that exact feeling which makes people hate to admit how they really didn’t sacrifice cardio day for something. BMP and those like it bring the party experience with it’s programme schedule.










   College Canteens: A Critique

Foodie Unmeelan

In our world there are millions of things to give our attention to but at the end of the day if we are talking rationally then we limit it to eating, sleeping, and breathing. To be frank, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the most important thing, but it is very hard to do when you are forced to live in a very uncivilized situation. Not to be harsh or anything but it’s hard for a foodie to stay in a place where there’s neither variety nor quality. This little food review is going to be quite sour so hope you have some sweets ready.

As you can very well guess, this particular individual has had a decent level of experience in the art of eating good food. Some of us are literally such that when we love eating a lot or especially if we love digging into a particular food…

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Pizza Hut

Foodie Unmeelan

As the French like to say, “C’est magnifique!”. Well that was not my reaction at first because I swear, to be completely honest pizza wasn’t something I exactly liked at first. It is so if you don’t have a great appetite and when your mom happens to scare you with words like “fattening” and “unhealthy”. She also used to tell me “It’s worth more than it gives”.

I think my love for pizza happened when I entered a restaurant with a name written with a bit of a calligraphic touch and cute hat as it’s main design. The main reason I started loving them was that PHD showed love to customers and the food they made. Their attitude and words reflected in their food. They are among the few brands who do exactly what they show.

Technically the main reason why we love Pizza Hut is that they make pizza…

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The one thing I never get but I want it so badly is satisfaction. Hearing what you’ve always wanted to say out loud must have given you a grave satisfaction? To be honest, getting it is quite easy. So easy that it’s just hard to understand how it really works. Basically tell yourself that whatever it is, it makes you feel positive. Whatever people say, think that it makes you feel good. Tell yourself things that a movie usually tells you. The indirect hints and taunts the last movie gave you can be taken as compliments. The learnings should be taken as a perfect gain from the sudden occasions.

It’s very simple. Take every occasion with open arms and welcome the goodness of every single one of them. You got to take in the melons no matter how sour they are. You have to give yourself an excuse to believe you’re satisfied, no matter what it might be. It can be anything. Heck! The people might question your personality because of the nature of the excuses but at the end of the day they will also judge you based on how the outcomes of your life are treating you.

Some of us are such that others make fun of us, secretly dislike us and even defame us. Some are victims of some really harsh behavior. For most harsh would be just a way to put it from their point of view. Mental torment is bigger than it looks but like just about any other form differs from person to person in terms of how much is needed to make the break.

The thing is that there are a lot of things that will disturb you throughout the way. It may be your work, it obviously can be people, or it can be the situation. You really need to tell yourself to press the ignore button, try to fool yourself that there isn’t anything wrong, not with you nor with the other person. Lie to yourself, you’ll feel better because if you know yourself best you’ll know what I’m telling you will work better than trying to fight it the usual way.

The fact of the matter is that we are programmed to want more and are always in search for perfection. It’s either generally that or we just want a situation that treats us best individually. No matter how you explain it, we’re going to keep wanting more.

The blissful thunder that you have inside you is going to have to get used to coming and going on rarer occasions than it used to. You’re going to have to get used to it too. You just have to keep living on. This is going to have to satisfy you for life. That’s how you stay strong. Saying “live with it” doesn’t help, you got to know why. You have to really understand that everything is a test and every single thing you believe is inhumane is not. It’s clearly the opposite and the most important thing you have to carve inside your mind is the fact that no matter what you have to learn to love yourself more. There are going to be times when you’ll need it, your satisfaction will mean it. You will search for someone for moments like those but you’ll have no one but yourself. The heart will ponder and obsess over incredible situations and you’ll satisfy yourself by slowly drowning yourself in forgetfulness.

When it comes to the question of how much you’re worth think of it like this:

You’re the flower not everybody wants to pick. You’re not a rose so whoever picks you is damn sure of what he/she is doing. A lot of blokes are going to take the leap when it comes to the numero uno but everyone’s thought of it before they’ve chosen the lesser favorite option.

No more rants. Keep being who you are. Keep moving forward your own way. Be satisfied being yourself no matter how hard it is. It’s not easy for others to be you, so you’re definitely better at something.