The one thing I never get but I want it so badly is satisfaction. Hearing what you’ve always wanted to say out loud must have given you a grave satisfaction? To be honest, getting it is quite easy. So easy that it’s just hard to understand how it really works. Basically tell yourself that whatever it is, it makes you feel positive. Whatever people say, think that it makes you feel good. Tell yourself things that a movie usually tells you. The indirect hints and taunts the last movie gave you can be taken as compliments. The learnings should be taken as a perfect gain from the sudden occasions.

It’s very simple. Take every occasion with open arms and welcome the goodness of every single one of them. You got to take in the melons no matter how sour they are. You have to give yourself an excuse to believe you’re satisfied, no matter what it might be. It can be anything. Heck! The people might question your personality because of the nature of the excuses but at the end of the day they will also judge you based on how the outcomes of your life are treating you.

Some of us are such that others make fun of us, secretly dislike us and even defame us. Some are victims of some really harsh behavior. For most harsh would be just a way to put it from their point of view. Mental torment is bigger than it looks but like just about any other form differs from person to person in terms of how much is needed to make the break.

The thing is that there are a lot of things that will disturb you throughout the way. It may be your work, it obviously can be people, or it can be the situation. You really need to tell yourself to press the ignore button, try to fool yourself that there isn’t anything wrong, not with you nor with the other person. Lie to yourself, you’ll feel better because if you know yourself best you’ll know what I’m telling you will work better than trying to fight it the usual way.

The fact of the matter is that we are programmed to want more and are always in search for perfection. It’s either generally that or we just want a situation that treats us best individually. No matter how you explain it, we’re going to keep wanting more.

The blissful thunder that you have inside you is going to have to get used to coming and going on rarer occasions than it used to. You’re going to have to get used to it too. You just have to keep living on. This is going to have to satisfy you for life. That’s how you stay strong. Saying “live with it” doesn’t help, you got to know why. You have to really understand that everything is a test and every single thing you believe is inhumane is not. It’s clearly the opposite and the most important thing you have to carve inside your mind is the fact that no matter what you have to learn to love yourself more. There are going to be times when you’ll need it, your satisfaction will mean it. You will search for someone for moments like those but you’ll have no one but yourself. The heart will ponder and obsess over incredible situations and you’ll satisfy yourself by slowly drowning yourself in forgetfulness.

When it comes to the question of how much you’re worth think of it like this:

You’re the flower not everybody wants to pick. You’re not a rose so whoever picks you is damn sure of what he/she is doing. A lot of blokes are going to take the leap when it comes to the numero uno but everyone’s thought of it before they’ve chosen the lesser favorite option.

No more rants. Keep being who you are. Keep moving forward your own way. Be satisfied being yourself no matter how hard it is. It’s not easy for others to be you, so you’re definitely better at something.






A Mid-Situation

Have you realized we talk about positive  and negative but not in between. It never matters.It’s either our chosen utopia or a failed dystopia. Why? Cause success shows the light and failure results in darkness. Is it really that easy to lose everything just by losing? I haven’t lost it yet. It is actually true, failure is the pillar to success because it does teach you things. However what it also does is give you some benefits from failing somewhere else.Remember the road you took and realized it was a dead end and had to go all the way back which caused you to be extra late for class? Well that failure led you to fail in being able to give your paper instead of giving a blank one anyway.

Well you see, you can actually still have something even you’ve lost a lot and similarly you can recognize that you can be left in the middle also. You can be left without anything but with something basically. Like having a cracker but losing the cookie.Win-win situations are different though. That’s when you add the phrase “Although really hungry”.In this situation, if you fail and get something in return or gain nothing it does matter. Don’t torture yourself to depravity because of  the many cookies that you lose everyday, pat yourself on the shoulder cause each gave you at least three other things.

We always worry so much about what’s gone that sometimes we don’t realize that most of it that’s gone either becomes minute in weight relative to what you got in exchange or it was a small thing to lose in the first place because of the many other things you already have.

It’s always more of a mid-situation never a win-loss. A win-win situation is just relative to the overall situation. Let’s leave it at that.

Just bid your losses goodbye like “I will surely miss you” but leave it at that. Treat it as a form of fate and it was fated that you learn that from this loss. This is how you suddenly realize after a bit that you’re in the same state. You’re back to square one and now it feels like nothing happened. That makes it a mid-situation. Others call it “Enlightenment” but we can all understand it basically refers to faith.


Fight Song- Let’s Win

There are those times, we all know them and some of us still know what they are like. A shout out to all of you guys, don’t worry because I am like you too. I know that particular statement isn’t great motivation but I still said it.

Now let’s talk about why I suddenly went Dalai llama (in case you thought that was too great an example you are very right, please treat yourself a chocolate).

As I said I am like all those people. I struggle everyday. I have to fight every single minute of the way. Against strangers, against enemies and even against those who love me. I get about a hundred wounds everyday, because of certain things I want from myself and because of things I want from others.

Frustrating fact: In between every wound I ponder and inflict two or three more wounds on myself because I got those wounds. It all gets deeper.

hqdefault (1)

Life is like nicotine, it’ll kill you and in exchange you get those moments to be high.

Every one of us has many dreams we would kill to fulfill and while we shed every drop of blood stepping on each thorn everyday, you also lose something else with each drop, hope. A small bit each time.


You can scream. You cry, drink, smoke and some of may even resort to turning your back. I tell you, you don’t need to because of that no matter how painful it is. And trust me I know what it feels like to be awake at 3 a.m. shedding tears while having a heavy head wondering what I did to deserve to make the wrong decision every single time. I know what it means to me when I see another person being good at something while I’m still ……well struggling.

Don’t make the world get to you. In the end all of us are small boats but we can stand bigger than big waves. Each of us needs to realize it, we all can take all the wrecking balls thrown at us and push them back. You just need to believe. Turn that power back on my friend.


Yeah I believe. No one else is going to for me.

We all have to be strong, keep the fire burning no matter what.

Personal advice: Keep making yourself hear that inner voice that is able to push you.

Every stupid fall I make, let them see

But I will be where I want to be

And smiling at what I see

This is my fight song. This is my right song.

Note: There are only a few singers and especially songs I listen to. Hence it’s a single song always on a loop. However after Let it Be, this is the second song that has ever ever hit me. So like Let it Be I got motivated enough to write about it. I heard your voice, Rachel 🙂 and am planning to create an explosion. 

Link:- Fight Song


Pretend it’s real

There are so many things in this world that makes one sad everyday. Either it is the anxiety when your exams are around the corner or the rejection from the present girl.

Let me tell you a trick to be happy.

Keep dreaming.

No I mean seriously, keep dreaming. Keep believing that whatever you want will come true. I’ll tell you why………Wait! Do I really?

Well yeah for all those who think I’m trying to bore you here and because I can’t write something so small.

It’s because when you love something or someone it doesn’t hurt to make them your’s in your dreams. It’s actually completely fine ……..but yeah please don’t try to do the same thing in real life unless it is actually your’s, especially in case of a “someone”. Or else I hear a lot of sound effects coming from your side.

Pretending doesn’t hurt unless it makes you a psychopathic criminal. Pretension of a particular situation is one way to keep the sadness away, even if it is because of that same situation.

Again just don’t let it make you obsess over it, unless it’s your career cause it helps in that case.

Don’t get me wrong, here I’m telling you to keep on dreaming and then chattering about not getting obsessed with what you want. You need to know how to obsess over something and how not to.

If you’re in love with someone (prime and most famous example) and that person has left you or you’ve not even won her yet, main thing is you love her and it’s been 2 years. Now some say “It’s not love, it’s obsession.” but you disagree. Let’s say they are partly right if not fully. Thing is love is a bit of an obsession no matter how you try to define it, a bit is there until when you move on but one should never let it go to a point where the negative parts begin to come out.

Obsess over her, believe inside your pretty little head that she’s your’s, make memories, have kids for all she cares, heck maybe even imagine yourself making her smile again when she’s sad and then acting cool, but don’t let it affect you greatly. Always let your dreaming relieve you momentarily, let it push you to try to get it and help you reach those points when you’re having it but never ever force it.

Now I’ll answer the million dollar question:

Why will it help keep the sadness away if it’s the same thing that’s the problem?

Well you see, that’s because your mind wants it and it’s that same mind that tells you to be sad because of it. You need to tell that idiot that “See! You got it!” then it will stop acting up, fool it basically.

We all know how this basically works regarding careers so it’s without a doubt I don’t need to emphasize about it. Just keep on believing you’ll get there and don’t leave your passion(s) regarding that. Yeah but pretend about that too, it helps to know what exactly it looks like there at that place you are about to go to. See yourself giving your interview at a talk show and imagine what questions you’re being asked and what you’re answering, how you’re answering and how you’re setting your own trend.

On a whole, keep pretending. Keep believing. It’s your own little reality which you’re trying to make for others too.


Comparing Intentions

Let’s talk about something serious for a change.

Do I already have your attention then?


So here’s what we’re talking about today: Teasing vs Bullying

This is kind of something that isn’t very new to us. For many of us we know “Bullying” to be the main topic. Now firstly when people use the term “bully” or “bullying” I actually imagine a bull charging at my behind. I just do. Don’t laugh!

Alright fine!

Anyways so I would rather use the term “Insulting” because let’s face it, if we talk verbally that’s what the person’s really doing right?

The physical insults only happen once you actually do something back. There is a saying that “When you have no option to resort to, you resort to your hands and legs”.

However not many people tend to understand this that on a scale of 1 to 10 we give an 8 in terms of being insulting to a person way too easily.

“Like bro, if he/she had to score an 8, he wouldn’t tickle your sexuality or color just a bit, he’d go all the way into your own ancestry.”

This is if you give him a strong reason to. Basically piss him off.

Because that my esteemed friend is considered “Joking” or commonly known as “Roasting” nowadays.

Now I know some people aren’t ready for this sort of things yet. To them I explain this in a simpler way.

There is a difference between beating someone up and beating him to death. This is because no matter what you say the first one is always trial while the latter is you showing what you can really do.

So the important issue is “Intent”. That specifies the exact nature of the “Content”.

So if there’s someone picking on someone by pinching you based on a few occurrences, that’s him making fun but what that guy responds with in anger if he doesn’t understand that is an insult.

To be fairly honest there are quite a few people in this world who mistake people who joke, tease, and roast their peers for the “bullies” as people call them. I call them “jealous”………………………………………….. the people who insult that is, not the people who make the mistake so calm down in case you just thought of reporting me.

In a 100 individuals, at least 75 people make fun/ tease because the other person person is worth spending that ten seconds making a joke on. The other 25 are the people who do it because they can. Basically if you didn’t matter, your roaster would talk to you in the most formal manner possible and only when you decided to approach him.

However one of the problems from the side of these brilliant 75 comedians is that out of them 15 can understand, control and channel the difference between insulting and joking/roasting.

Let’s try to learn and understand when and how to “bully” the harmless way. That sounds right I think. Let’s “insult” out of love. Let’s keep the “intent” to be “harmless fun”.



Random things

You know that moment when you really wanted to do something and because of a sudden bloody spark of stupidity you missed the chance to do it?

Guess what? That just happened to me. Don’t laugh.

I mean who does that right? I have been making interesting comments on myself ever since. I also still can’t believe it. It’s 10:20 pm and it’s been 14 hours of disbelief.

Yes I’m crazy and a blithering idiot thank you for that.

It’s a serious thing you know, we all do the weirdest things sometimes. Okay okay all the time.

Alright maybe just me.

The fact though is that we tend to sometimes do the most random things and we realize because of that we missed something great.

Now this is until that millisecond when you realize you also gained a few other things because of it.

A few other chances rather, that you might not have gotten otherwise. Chances that you need to decipher. You can only choose one obviously and take the right one in a matter of seconds.

The world is random and we people are even more. You never know when a person is going to fall or when he’s going to just as we say in the humorous tongue “flip”. That has nothing to do with being at a dolphin show just know.

At the end of the day it’s not that we all are idiots, well basically we are all buffoons yes but that’s not the point.

I for one like to think that if the world itself was one particular living organism. I love the scientific terminology. It suddenly creates interest.

Jokes: And we were counting sheep right?

Anyways. So let’s say the world was a person, we claim so many parts of it, about 90% to be living so let us assume. It’s almost like this massive person literally flips from time to time.

For many this right now sounds like the logic behind the term “earthquake” but I digress.

When the world flips we also are affected and fall with it. Our brain changes direction because of the way of the different force and therefore react by changing the direction of it’s thought process towards a more random checkpoint.

And that is how you explain something simple using the language of complexity but using words which you don’t have to google. If you still didn’t understand then go make a thesaurus feel important.

I would be referring to even love when talking about this but then unlike this simple words would have complex meanings.

At the end of the day every flip of stupidity teaches you something, that is “You’re bloody smarter. Why don’t you look sometimes towards what’s actually coming your way than what’s going past you?”.

And so I learnt not to watch too many music videos with pretty pretty women until 2 in the morning when I have to wake up at 6.

Basically I will start putting the alarm beforehand from now on.


Those Moments

You know that moment when you want to say something but you can’t really say it?

No I am not talking about when you’re in front of Irina Shayk.

Seriously. It’s just those moments, when you want to feel and express something but you are just unable to. It isn’t that you’re incapable of it but unable to for a particular time during that particular moment.


Like for example you also suddenly see that your jokes fail and you end up saying something weird. People say “He’s like that” but it’s not the case. You know it and even know it that “Boy he is funny. What in heavens name happens to him sometimes.”. Well as a normal person you’d try to let it pass, forget the embarrassment, and try not to relive it another day. Though the comedian would either make a comeback joke or talk about the incident another day. Express the truth that “My jokes cheat on me sometimes. Very unfaithful they are when they see a funnier looking guy nearby. I feel so helpless when that happens, I mean there’s no procedure for working out when it comes to your funniness. Like if there were, a comedian would really be licensed to kill. There would be a James Bond of comedy. Let’s not go into how Blofeld died in this case.”

Isn’t it funny how this is supposed to be a tragic topic?

All that aside, there is an emptiness that we feel sometimes. There are those extraordinary moments when your brain simply refuses to give you correct output. Thank goodness the brain doesn’t completely stop or else I wouldn’t be telling you about it. One of those moments basically when your brain decides to tell you “I’m the shizz k bro. Without the shizz you can’t be the shizz.”

Hence “Relationship status: It’s Complicated”.

That’s the weird paradox. We can think, our thoughts seem fine and smart but somewhere you know you ain’t doing it right, like something’s missing. That otherwise flow or level of thought has gone on holiday. You hate it when it does that without proper permission. At the end you suffer because of it. It leaves a dent in your social status every time.

There……I feel it now……again! Yep!

Ladies and gentlemen I give you: Writer’s Block!