The world is a vast place, filled with ideas. Ideas that tell us to walk, to talk, when to let go and even how to kill. Ideas that are bulletproof. There are so many ideas and I am here to share mine.

I am a writer, actor, and innovator always looking for new ways to tell new stories. In these words I am no different from most people. However what makes me stand out are my tireless efforts to think and innovate ideas on how to give people better and greater content.

My work from all the spheres that I am part of are here for you to look at, of different fields including 3D work, graphics, Writing and Photography echoing what I have learnt from the respective fields. Just go through the sections to the top right-hand corner.

As someone with my own philosophies on various aspects of life I would like to share them through all that I have published here.

My blog is here to show you my individuality as everyone is linked by the why but differentiated by the how. My passion lies in the world of film and content, I thrive to provide that to the world.

My ideas are here for you to devote some of your time on.

So sit back and enjoy!


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