Random Quotes#2

If you find me acting high that means I am completely sober.


Nonsense- A critique

So as life goes on many of us seem to discover new things while some of us clench tightly to old ones or even tend to carry on with ones which personally make no sense.

Now we all know how unforgiving criticisms are sometimes, whether you’re a movie star, politician, or a big name in some other field. We have all been there or are going to be there real soon.

As part of the digital era you suddenly realize that the strongest power you have is a portable device you carry and that today’s Satan is none but our own mind. At the end of the day the media is all of us, whether you say it like that or want to put it differently by saying “People commenting on a public forum”. And now as we enter the media, we become classified as “fans” or “haters”. Let’s stick to “critic” since we can’t cover everything here.

So there are so many ways of critiquing nowadays and so many types of things that people feel the need to critique. For example how a guy and a girl having fun together needs to mean there’s something more going on, I mean they were wearing matching tees last Sunday when they attended the game together. Then suddenly someone sees him absent for her party and it becomes evident in a second that a fire is burning. Suddenly you have people on one side saying “Damn him!” while you have people on another side going “Must have been her fault. She was hanging with that other guy.”.

While this war is raging you have the guy and girl going “Did we miss something?”.

I swear to you that when it comes to everyday critiquing the plot is pretty much the similar in all cases. People basically find new ways to pass their time, 9 out of 10 of them can be done without.

The harmless ones however go so far, the more ridiculous and annoying ones start from here. Now we can say it in many ways but I prefer to classify them via one category which is “Nonsense”. Some people take “putting your feet in their shoes” way too seriously when they let other’s words affect them which is logically unnecessary, or comment on someone’s behavior based on something she did for some other reason, or even because of something she ate.

The level of nonsense goes higher and higher while some of us have our tolerance go lower and lower.

Now we all know celebrities face this mostly so let’s take a few examples. I would like to ask how playing a character in a film means you have to dress or eat on a similar basis in real life? I would just like to say that if Robert Downey Jr would always wear metallic clothing it would be very disturbing for a lot of people including himself. Generally I think the people who engage in body shaming forget the Oscar or Golden Globe wouldn’t make sense if they acted in the same way in real life. Similarly people criticizing the type of roles an actor takes. It’s not very spectacular thing if a cheating wife has to play herself on screen, and besides that she wouldn’t agree to do it anyway.

We all accept a concept that films aren’t real however we can’t accept that all films can’t have the same reality. I think no matter who you are and what it is, criticizing a film cause of the nature of it’s content is just contradicting at least three things that you yourself say you believe in at some point, which makes you immature.

It’s quite similar when a person makes a joke targeting someone or something. It’s not widely understood by everyone but there are many reasons why a joke is made and just merely to poke fun is just one of them. However that is also a big enough discussion I shall leave for another day.

It’s not to take seriously. One thing isn’t shown  or told so you can actually link it to everything else and murder the individuality or sole purpose that particular content has.

I swear, next people will go “If he’s been single this long, he must be gay which is not a really a good thing.”. Firstly saying being single makes you gay is like saying you not having sex twice a day makes you impotent. Secondly the concept of LGBT is also a concept which is still frowned upon nowadays in certain countries. Weird thing is love for someone of for oneself is by own preference which is nurtured through not just socialization but through the accumulation of  one’s individual ideology and taste. That doesn’t make you ill in any way.

People need to see and understand these things. We need to stop being so slow when it comes to moving forward.

Being Highly Sober

I can hear them as I walk through the well lit rooms and feel as if they are flashing before me whenever and wherever I start feeling weirdly high. Enemies to my consciousness and bitter reminders that the world is just too big, having things which will take many light years to understand.

Well until we know, we never understand what they wish to accomplish. They come quite randomly, make you feel like you’re going to trip. They make others perceive you to be high while make you confused as to whether you are or not because all you had was water and sleep. They make you suddenly find emotions you had, think of killing the person right next to you or kiss the girl you thought to be the last one you’d even think of hugging. I am telling you, the feeling is damn strange. They are seizures that transcend the symptoms that the normal patients suffering from epilepsy feel. I’m talking about the mental dis-balance an overly psychological person would feel. However a purely normal person is feeling it and a reasonably confused person is writing about it.

I can sense the wind talking to me at times. It suddenly tells me to try to command it. It’s like you’re taking a walk at 4:30 pm and suddenly you feel a small breeze and slowly a thought comes. “Wind! Lend me your strength” you think and then the wind suddenly rises. “Isn’t it oddly terrific?” you think to yourself. I have some power inside me. That’s true either way but you still don’t know in a case like this.

You feel cut off yet you walk, talk and feel “normally” alongside the other beings with the power to hide. Orthodox it is when those who are under the light are able to hide but the ones who are invisible find it hard at times to keep themselves invisible.

I find the need to see the frequent shake within my square of vision and search for a different direction, perhaps find deeper reasons for things too. Sometimes the reasoning makes me realize I’m so sober that I’m tremendously high.

That’s frightening sometimes.

It’s not until you’ve felt it that you realize how much your mind can transcend between seconds. You could even start to think that the numbers floating in the dark are real.

You’re trying hard but their idiocies are just too loud. To some extent there must be something in those particular triggers you pass by. It’s hard to murder your own emotions nowadays. I have tried though. You wanna give back the blood and toil but what do you do when your enemy are your own thoughts. But then again I’ll find a way since the amount of my brain that’s active seems to be more than 30%.

I swear I shall do something about my mind if it is the last thing I do. Fight through and stop these unknown sparks from becoming the rage that just annoys.

A Mid-Situation

Have you realized we talk about positive  and negative but not in between. It never matters.It’s either our chosen utopia or a failed dystopia. Why? Cause success shows the light and failure results in darkness. Is it really that easy to lose everything just by losing? I haven’t lost it yet. It is actually true, failure is the pillar to success because it does teach you things. However what it also does is give you some benefits from failing somewhere else.Remember the road you took and realized it was a dead end and had to go all the way back which caused you to be extra late for class? Well that failure led you to fail in being able to give your paper instead of giving a blank one anyway.

Well you see, you can actually still have something even you’ve lost a lot and similarly you can recognize that you can be left in the middle also. You can be left without anything but with something basically. Like having a cracker but losing the cookie.Win-win situations are different though. That’s when you add the phrase “Although really hungry”.In this situation, if you fail and get something in return or gain nothing it does matter. Don’t torture yourself to depravity because of  the many cookies that you lose everyday, pat yourself on the shoulder cause each gave you at least three other things.

We always worry so much about what’s gone that sometimes we don’t realize that most of it that’s gone either becomes minute in weight relative to what you got in exchange or it was a small thing to lose in the first place because of the many other things you already have.

It’s always more of a mid-situation never a win-loss. A win-win situation is just relative to the overall situation. Let’s leave it at that.

Just bid your losses goodbye like “I will surely miss you” but leave it at that. Treat it as a form of fate and it was fated that you learn that from this loss. This is how you suddenly realize after a bit that you’re in the same state. You’re back to square one and now it feels like nothing happened. That makes it a mid-situation. Others call it “Enlightenment” but we can all understand it basically refers to faith.


Too Complicated

I miss you. I don’t know why. You were just a passing perfume. You didn’t feel like it was meant to be. Even I, a travelling buyer never had the direct interest at first. It slowly came as I saw a specialty that was quite intriguing.

If that is how simple it was why do I crave only your fragrance? I tend to look at every other around me every day, gain and lose interests for them. Yet even while enjoying them it is you that I try to find. Comparison develops before I even think of it. You continue to be a chief basis.

“You think I am drunk?”

Well my heart is, I am completely sober.

I keep on moving forward every single day, my heart however wanders in all directions and then leads itself through the maze to you.

You keep being a light shining it’s light on me even in the darkness.

“Where are you?” I ask myself stopping in between the crowd.

“Where am I?”

I seem to have an insane addiction when thinking about you, going on and on and on. A brainless pleasure for piercing myself real smoothly.

I swear! Where in heavens do you get the indirect strength to haunt me and where do I intake the drug that keeps you inside me.

“What is it I wonder. I would having that from tomorrow if I knew”

You give me a confusion that transcends through oceans but that aims to reach you at some point without prediction.

“Why do you……well you know?” they ask me.

Others say I’m obsessed. Well let me clarify right now.

“I’m complicated.”

Perhaps it was your slender figure, your warmth perhaps too depth defying or maybe it was your straight hair. Perhaps it tickled more than just my nose, sent a part of you deep inside while it was at it.

Or or or I know it must have been your face, too sweet for comfort. Must have been those eyes too. I am so casting a contradicting curse on the person that made you right now.

Look at me, flirting on a piece of paper. Confusion at it’s best.

This is so complicated. I am so so complicated.

You are a well I want to escape but I wish for you to give me water at least thrice a week.

I need to fill the void. I need a new fragrance. I yearn for one every minute.

“But I so wish you were the new one.”


“Why?” Even I ask myself. “WHY?? Tell me!”

(A drop)

“Even I’m trying to understand” said the heart.


Fight Song- Let’s Win

There are those times, we all know them and some of us still know what they are like. A shout out to all of you guys, don’t worry because I am like you too. I know that particular statement isn’t great motivation but I still said it.

Now let’s talk about why I suddenly went Dalai llama (in case you thought that was too great an example you are very right, please treat yourself a chocolate).

As I said I am like all those people. I struggle everyday. I have to fight every single minute of the way. Against strangers, against enemies and even against those who love me. I get about a hundred wounds everyday, because of certain things I want from myself and because of things I want from others.

Frustrating fact: In between every wound I ponder and inflict two or three more wounds on myself because I got those wounds. It all gets deeper.

hqdefault (1)

Life is like nicotine, it’ll kill you and in exchange you get those moments to be high.

Every one of us has many dreams we would kill to fulfill and while we shed every drop of blood stepping on each thorn everyday, you also lose something else with each drop, hope. A small bit each time.


You can scream. You cry, drink, smoke and some of may even resort to turning your back. I tell you, you don’t need to because of that no matter how painful it is. And trust me I know what it feels like to be awake at 3 a.m. shedding tears while having a heavy head wondering what I did to deserve to make the wrong decision every single time. I know what it means to me when I see another person being good at something while I’m still ……well struggling.

Don’t make the world get to you. In the end all of us are small boats but we can stand bigger than big waves. Each of us needs to realize it, we all can take all the wrecking balls thrown at us and push them back. You just need to believe. Turn that power back on my friend.


Yeah I believe. No one else is going to for me.

We all have to be strong, keep the fire burning no matter what.

Personal advice: Keep making yourself hear that inner voice that is able to push you.

Every stupid fall I make, let them see

But I will be where I want to be

And smiling at what I see

This is my fight song. This is my right song.

Note: There are only a few singers and especially songs I listen to. Hence it’s a single song always on a loop. However after Let it Be, this is the second song that has ever ever hit me. So like Let it Be I got motivated enough to write about it. I heard your voice, Rachel 🙂 and am planning to create an explosion. 

Link:- Fight Song