Random things

You know that moment when you really wanted to do something and because of a sudden bloody spark of stupidity you missed the chance to do it?

Guess what? That just happened to me. Don’t laugh.

I mean who does that right? I have been making interesting comments on myself ever since. I also still can’t believe it. It’s 10:20 pm and it’s been 14 hours of disbelief.

Yes I’m crazy and a blithering idiot thank you for that.

It’s a serious thing you know, we all do the weirdest things sometimes. Okay okay all the time.

Alright maybe just me.

The fact though is that we tend to sometimes do the most random things and we realize because of that we missed something great.

Now this is until that millisecond when you realize you also gained a few other things because of it.

A few other chances rather, that you might not have gotten otherwise. Chances that you need to decipher. You can only choose one obviously and take the right one in a matter of seconds.

The world is random and we people are even more. You never know when a person is going to fall or when he’s going to just as we say in the humorous tongue “flip”. That has nothing to do with being at a dolphin show just know.

At the end of the day it’s not that we all are idiots, well basically we are all buffoons yes but that’s not the point.

I for one like to think that if the world itself was one particular living organism. I love the scientific terminology. It suddenly creates interest.

Jokes: And we were counting sheep right?

Anyways. So let’s say the world was a person, we claim so many parts of it, about 90% to be living so let us assume. It’s almost like this massive person literally flips from time to time.

For many this right now sounds like the logic behind the term “earthquake” but I digress.

When the world flips we also are affected and fall with it. Our brain changes direction because of the way of the different force and therefore react by changing the direction of it’s thought process towards a more random checkpoint.

And that is how you explain something simple using the language of complexity but using words which you don’t have to google. If you still didn’t understand then go make a thesaurus feel important.

I would be referring to even love when talking about this but then unlike this simple words would have complex meanings.

At the end of the day every flip of stupidity teaches you something, that is “You’re bloody smarter. Why don’t you look sometimes towards what’s actually coming your way than what’s going past you?”.

And so I learnt not to watch too many music videos with pretty pretty women until 2 in the morning when I have to wake up at 6.

Basically I will start putting the alarm beforehand from now on.



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