Colors of life



Blue is the new color

As colorful as the sky

Is the feeling of passion

As endless to the core

Let them see it


Red is the color of hatred

Too mixed to have only one truth

Filled with situations beyond control

Dragging them to dream of achieving it

Let them feel it


Then as darkness joins the fray

All gets blacker, mind and all

Worlds start shifting, people start drifting

Leaving indifferent nothingness

Let them escape it.


Then is the one that’s divine

Takes them towards enlightenment

Until you have to come back

Feeling brighter, a torched up soul

Let them embrace it



What about violet then?

It feels lonely apart from funny

It wonders about “potted violet”

Similarly do we even feel orange?

Just like we heat red’s glory

Things are made to be as they seem

The truth is colorless and silent

but its implications have multiple

and the truth is there are many

but all aren’t understood

All these colors that do mean

All of them that don’t

Let them know it


A world simply entwined by description

Feelings having reference of sight

A world governed by many styles

many more than you will give credit for




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