The Beaver and the Bird

This is dedicated to someone who is actually just like anyone else and happened to raise another emotional flow


That little everyday bird came and perched on it’s regular branch, and today instead of looking left and right, it looked down and saw a beaver.

The wanderer without much haste tread in it’s usual fashion and like everyday expected the sound of the wind, the feel of the grass and the push of the usual heat. However today he did hear chirping.

The little beaver tripped and fell, and as he sat back up there stood a new figure on his head. The beaver moved as the bird showed delight towards the traveler. With the usual wood to pile up the beaver kept moving here and there near his domain. Crouching with passion and grooving with ease, the beaver caught the attention of the bird who had decided to sit on the nearby rock to wait for it’s food. The little bird chirped in delight at the exalted one. The bird flew to him and repeatedly splashed some water cooling him while under the sun. They beaver scratched his nose and took some water in his mouth, gurgled and splashed back in return.

The next day the beaver had resolved to his daily exercise with the heart that had become wooden, mirroring his work. At night as he he dawdled with his tail pointing at the stars he met the bird again who wanted extra company until she found the need to go to her next. The innocent being asked him if he knew some songs. The beaver shed some of it’s hair on the matter. Then as the time arrived, it was time for her to fly elsewhere and him to go back instead of joining.

The next day the beaver was feeling jolly and was doing his happy dance when he met the little bird flying his way, so happy that he greeted her by boosting her a bit more towards the sky. The little one gave a little chirp and then asked him on something he’d commented on earlier, her grace. The beaver gave a random wag of his tail and replied as his own grace commanded. Then as he was leaving to the direction of another, she sang a sudden encore.

Their friendship is interesting and quite different even though both are on usual grounds every time. The suddenness is however a simple similarity which the beaver has seen with the others who’ve passed by. Hence as he is arranging the last of his wood he realizes his home still looks the same but has flowers blooming from some of them this time. The fellow now stands confused until the point he puts his tail back up and starts wandering again.


Pretend it’s real

There are so many things in this world that makes one sad everyday. Either it is the anxiety when your exams are around the corner or the rejection from the present girl.

Let me tell you a trick to be happy.

Keep dreaming.

No I mean seriously, keep dreaming. Keep believing that whatever you want will come true. I’ll tell you why………Wait! Do I really?

Well yeah for all those who think I’m trying to bore you here and because I can’t write something so small.

It’s because when you love something or someone it doesn’t hurt to make them your’s in your dreams. It’s actually completely fine ……..but yeah please don’t try to do the same thing in real life unless it is actually your’s, especially in case of a “someone”. Or else I hear a lot of sound effects coming from your side.

Pretending doesn’t hurt unless it makes you a psychopathic criminal. Pretension of a particular situation is one way to keep the sadness away, even if it is because of that same situation.

Again just don’t let it make you obsess over it, unless it’s your career cause it helps in that case.

Don’t get me wrong, here I’m telling you to keep on dreaming and then chattering about not getting obsessed with what you want. You need to know how to obsess over something and how not to.

If you’re in love with someone (prime and most famous example) and that person has left you or you’ve not even won her yet, main thing is you love her and it’s been 2 years. Now some say “It’s not love, it’s obsession.” but you disagree. Let’s say they are partly right if not fully. Thing is love is a bit of an obsession no matter how you try to define it, a bit is there until when you move on but one should never let it go to a point where the negative parts begin to come out.

Obsess over her, believe inside your pretty little head that she’s your’s, make memories, have kids for all she cares, heck maybe even imagine yourself making her smile again when she’s sad and then acting cool, but don’t let it affect you greatly. Always let your dreaming relieve you momentarily, let it push you to try to get it and help you reach those points when you’re having it but never ever force it.

Now I’ll answer the million dollar question:

Why will it help keep the sadness away if it’s the same thing that’s the problem?

Well you see, that’s because your mind wants it and it’s that same mind that tells you to be sad because of it. You need to tell that idiot that “See! You got it!” then it will stop acting up, fool it basically.

We all know how this basically works regarding careers so it’s without a doubt I don’t need to emphasize about it. Just keep on believing you’ll get there and don’t leave your passion(s) regarding that. Yeah but pretend about that too, it helps to know what exactly it looks like there at that place you are about to go to. See yourself giving your interview at a talk show and imagine what questions you’re being asked and what you’re answering, how you’re answering and how you’re setting your own trend.

On a whole, keep pretending. Keep believing. It’s your own little reality which you’re trying to make for others too.


Comparing Intentions

Let’s talk about something serious for a change.

Do I already have your attention then?


So here’s what we’re talking about today: Teasing vs Bullying

This is kind of something that isn’t very new to us. For many of us we know “Bullying” to be the main topic. Now firstly when people use the term “bully” or “bullying” I actually imagine a bull charging at my behind. I just do. Don’t laugh!

Alright fine!

Anyways so I would rather use the term “Insulting” because let’s face it, if we talk verbally that’s what the person’s really doing right?

The physical insults only happen once you actually do something back. There is a saying that “When you have no option to resort to, you resort to your hands and legs”.

However not many people tend to understand this that on a scale of 1 to 10 we give an 8 in terms of being insulting to a person way too easily.

“Like bro, if he/she had to score an 8, he wouldn’t tickle your sexuality or color just a bit, he’d go all the way into your own ancestry.”

This is if you give him a strong reason to. Basically piss him off.

Because that my esteemed friend is considered “Joking” or commonly known as “Roasting” nowadays.

Now I know some people aren’t ready for this sort of things yet. To them I explain this in a simpler way.

There is a difference between beating someone up and beating him to death. This is because no matter what you say the first one is always trial while the latter is you showing what you can really do.

So the important issue is “Intent”. That specifies the exact nature of the “Content”.

So if there’s someone picking on someone by pinching you based on a few occurrences, that’s him making fun but what that guy responds with in anger if he doesn’t understand that is an insult.

To be fairly honest there are quite a few people in this world who mistake people who joke, tease, and roast their peers for the “bullies” as people call them. I call them “jealous”………………………………………….. the people who insult that is, not the people who make the mistake so calm down in case you just thought of reporting me.

In a 100 individuals, at least 75 people make fun/ tease because the other person person is worth spending that ten seconds making a joke on. The other 25 are the people who do it because they can. Basically if you didn’t matter, your roaster would talk to you in the most formal manner possible and only when you decided to approach him.

However one of the problems from the side of these brilliant 75 comedians is that out of them 15 can understand, control and channel the difference between insulting and joking/roasting.

Let’s try to learn and understand when and how to “bully” the harmless way. That sounds right I think. Let’s “insult” out of love. Let’s keep the “intent” to be “harmless fun”.




I see them. They are actually everywhere but then they are not. I can feel them whispering from the inner shadows.

They speak to me in my sleep. They tell me things that I want to know, and sometimes things that I don’t.

They talk. They emphasize. They quarrel.They are the voices that decide right from wrong……..but there are none.


“They think you’re useless?”

“Yes he should.”

“You want to take that?”

“No he shouldn’t.”

“I’ll tell you what you should do………….Kill them! Kill them all!”

You suddenly even clench your fists because of the seizures. Seemingly random but not without cause. They are telling you their own motives.

Sometimes they even tell you to pick up a bat and hit your closest friend.

I tell you, the voices can be random themselves hence it’s completely them when you think about it.

Sometimes you are leaning forward on a balcony and they tell you “Jump!”

They think they are very helpful. To some their words are the sweet plague while to others they are your imaginary friends who you talk to in between moments.

I shall tell you, that they are watching you right now.

They are suddenly going to come


and boom!! They hit you.

Just like the nicotin. In a minute you’re back.

But in the last minute you just went through something you cannot explain.

You see, they are watching you and waiting for the right time to pester you each time. They wait each time for the perfect moment to make you go “AAAAAHHHHH!”

They drain you very quietly, in exchange for thoughts.

Just like that.Literally. And quite suddenly.

They are the answer to your individuality. They inject the right words to let the reaction out. The one that you so hide. The one you exchange for the one you show.

But among all these voices is the voice that calms you down and the voice that tells you not to listen to the others. The clarity. The shield to the insanity.

She tells you “Stop and start thinking now.”

“You love me right?”

“Yes I do.”

Finally you have the voice that matters. Your own.

Her’s matters too though and she’s telling me to stop now and I have to listen. That’s my voice saying.


Random things

You know that moment when you really wanted to do something and because of a sudden bloody spark of stupidity you missed the chance to do it?

Guess what? That just happened to me. Don’t laugh.

I mean who does that right? I have been making interesting comments on myself ever since. I also still can’t believe it. It’s 10:20 pm and it’s been 14 hours of disbelief.

Yes I’m crazy and a blithering idiot thank you for that.

It’s a serious thing you know, we all do the weirdest things sometimes. Okay okay all the time.

Alright maybe just me.

The fact though is that we tend to sometimes do the most random things and we realize because of that we missed something great.

Now this is until that millisecond when you realize you also gained a few other things because of it.

A few other chances rather, that you might not have gotten otherwise. Chances that you need to decipher. You can only choose one obviously and take the right one in a matter of seconds.

The world is random and we people are even more. You never know when a person is going to fall or when he’s going to just as we say in the humorous tongue “flip”. That has nothing to do with being at a dolphin show just know.

At the end of the day it’s not that we all are idiots, well basically we are all buffoons yes but that’s not the point.

I for one like to think that if the world itself was one particular living organism. I love the scientific terminology. It suddenly creates interest.

Jokes: And we were counting sheep right?

Anyways. So let’s say the world was a person, we claim so many parts of it, about 90% to be living so let us assume. It’s almost like this massive person literally flips from time to time.

For many this right now sounds like the logic behind the term “earthquake” but I digress.

When the world flips we also are affected and fall with it. Our brain changes direction because of the way of the different force and therefore react by changing the direction of it’s thought process towards a more random checkpoint.

And that is how you explain something simple using the language of complexity but using words which you don’t have to google. If you still didn’t understand then go make a thesaurus feel important.

I would be referring to even love when talking about this but then unlike this simple words would have complex meanings.

At the end of the day every flip of stupidity teaches you something, that is “You’re bloody smarter. Why don’t you look sometimes towards what’s actually coming your way than what’s going past you?”.

And so I learnt not to watch too many music videos with pretty pretty women until 2 in the morning when I have to wake up at 6.

Basically I will start putting the alarm beforehand from now on.



Kids are swell creatures aren’t they? Annoying and cute, one of the greatest company as well as the highest nuisances you could have in this world.

However no matter what you got to love the little ducklings or monkeys or whatever cute animal you want to compare them with. I would prefer just kids though because somewhere in the distance a duck goes like “Quaack?”.

As we all know, at our tender age we were all the worst masterminds or just at our peak of being diabolical when it comes to playing the pranks fashionable to five-ten year olds.

Well lessons from mojo and bugs bunny aside we also do get those kids who do the exact opposite at that age, like show their talent in gymnastics, mathematics, and many more.

Don’t worry, I am not going to take you straight from the happy world into the boring reality just yet. Also I am not forgetting the ones who ain’t on the zenith of childhood brilliance.

Those kids who break average IQ bars of that age though are amazing according to me. They define evolution at it’s finest.

They express their dormant talent rather subconsciously which makes them among the lucky and faster ones. Either they show a rather innate interest or they are put into the process of honing the right skills for the day they are asked about their achievements in an interview.

I swear, even those evil brats actually deviate their way to the doing the right thing. Sometimes even that is life. Your experiences teach you what you’re good at. In the same way, whether it’s a martyr or even a terrorist.

We all hone our way into what we do later, perhaps it could even be said that it was the path meant to be created. Yes though, it was the one chosen and the others could have been too but the point is that the way the kid went, his experience lead him there. His talented mind and soul gave him the gracious command that “Bro we got to do this next and then that and then oooh that too” and here we are. That’s how all those kids grow up.

Some grow up climbing a tree all the way to Hollywood while some try chasing an ant until he reaches Madison Square Garden.

We have always loved growing up and then have looked back afterwards. Our children will do that as will their children and they will do it while going through this same process of internalization.

For all kids, even us and those of the future we all know how it all happens. Seems very uncontrolled but to be honest somehow we were controlling ourselves. We just didn’t realize it, we had made some proper decisions while playing with a lot of other ones which would sometimes result to a broken vase or just a broken knee. We’ve all tried our best to be great at what we did and aced it and worked hard towards being good where we failed miserably.





Plain Reality

Emptiness. A blank mind wandering from dusk till dawn while driving out emotions. Emotion bearing hunger, hundreds of thousands of declining thoughts.

“I don’t know”

“Why don’t I know?”

“I wish to know! I want to find myself”

The future of that person starts now, with the dry feeling in his throat.  The thought is the start and with that begins every other emotional situation.

“And I still do not know”

Perhaps the endless emotion situation is lucky to be there, it helps me know something at least. Or else I would know nothing.

It is this situation that teaches me sadness, it teaches us fear. The fear of losing someone else.

Destruction is so creative, it calms us before bringing the storm. Makes us numb enough so the drug finds it easier.

The tension makes me feel heavy, makes me want to eat, sleep………. and sometimes smoke.

I do not like the feeling, it makes me vulnerable. It makes me weak and leaves me lesser than myself.

The emptiness leaves the mind so closed that sometimes one wishes he could go to sleep and wake up in another life.

The idiocy boosts the adrenaline and increases the pressure on the brain. The pulse increases, hope decreases.

“Kill me now. Someone, please.”

I am not going to cry, fall into the void of emotions. Sometimes emptiness actually helps. The pain of the calm is better than that of the mental degradation.

Sharing it makes it even more remarkable at times, you just don’t know what to say and how to say it sometimes. It’s basically place you can’t describe, one of those ultimate things you can’t fully describe. Others have to experience by themselves. And it doesn’t help at all, you’re just telling someone “hey so this is me right now, and that’s how it is with me like most of the time” and he’s like “Oh yeah uh huh uh huh.”

It happens again though and they are there but it doesn’t really make it easier. Thoughts themselves are a bloody paradox. Emptiness helps hence but like everything, it’s torture is just less painful.