Stating the Obvious

Life is a genre that contains all genres. That’s something obvious.

Let’s state something even more obvious, the generation of today can survive a day without water but cannot survive an hour without wifi. Wireless connection is god man.

Wifi is the reason the Phileas Fogg of 2016 can travel around the world in eight seconds while staying at home and wont need to waste 69,11,992 seconds more travelling outside.

In certain countries if you don’t speak the language they speak, shouting “Help!!” will only get you the answer that translates to “Hi!”.

Here’s another obvious thing, your female crush who speaks in the same language as you is harder to understand than your little pet dog who speaks in bowwow language.

Since we are carrying on with this, let’s all face another obvious thing. Some people might just skip words in this passage or have actually taken the time to understand why it was 69,11,992. Some people might have just escaped from reading uptil here altogether.

The obvious thing is that everything is so obvious that it’s actually complicated, and when you realize that, you obviously would be so angry that you laugh instead of crying which has become an obvious reaction nowadays.

Now let me tell you things that aren’t too obvious, for example there would be no way to understand if the writer of a certain passage or essay is starving for the last 6 hours, high on coffee or in the mood to do some push-ups unless he chooses to give a literary hint. The fact that a person teaching history doesn’t like Akbar.

It’s all unexpectedly hard to foresee but chances being true are obvious.

Now let me ask you one of the least obvious questions in the world:

“Are you sleepy right now?”

If you are then I really don’t want to know why.

Isn’t that obvious?



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