A Strong Bond

The first time I saw you
I don’t remember when or how
but can I forget that face?
The face of someone who cared
The face of someone who touched my heart
A person who laughed and smiled
and brought me my life’s first happiness
Even a forgetful person such as me
cannot forget the moments we spent together
Even an irresponsible kid such as me
cannot forget the time spent during a bad weather

The first time we met, it was at school
For the first 5 days I remember
how I would only long to talk with you but not try
When I told you that afterwards
you laughed and then said “what a fool!”
I remember those talks we had in class during breaks
Short and sweet to me they were
many times irrelevant to you
so you used to simply not care
and then help make it more fun
I remember when we used to play together
The 30 mins after school, and during breaks
We were like two young lion cubs
Playful, cheerful and most of all
we were really really close
cause you had made a home
in one of my heart’s inner rooms

After many years one day I was sitting
When you suddenly said “Hi” to me
I clearly wasn’t expecting that
and neither was I expecting you to remember
cause we hadn’t seen or talked for 7 years
My heart gave a joyful smile
while for her, even her face did
We talked and talked like old times
while speaking in the past tense
We carried on giggling while taking turns to say
“As usual you make no sense”
I felt a strong bond even now
It bloomed with perfection

We were two puzzle pieces, meant to be together
The only difference is we are older
and we don’t chirp like little birds anymore
I thank the lord for making it so
or the day wouldn’t have gone so good that day
The day when I realized what a “bond” truly means
The day when I realized what “treasuring” is

Now it seemed like we had a sense of affection
Even if sometimes she showed no signs of caring
If nothing else, we did truly have a strong connection
A connection no one can break
It’ll make us stronger
We walk in our own little lawn
It’ll tie us together
As our Friendship hopes to carry on


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