This is Goodbye

The feeling
of withering away
like a helpless flower
sitting in a dark corner on the edge
Am I truly gonna go back there?
Is this really the end of my beginning?
Tears make no difference
I have to leave
I am not strong enough
I have failed them
I am so not tough

No I refuse to believe
but deep inside I don’t want to suffer
There are many who I am going to leave
I will miss them so much
I am only kidding myself
The idiots will never forgive me
They will drag me back again
Am I being heartless towards them?
They are going to punish me real bad
after they bring me back
However I wish I could’ve done more
From everything that’s raged, I feel so sore
I’m slowly losing my will
my consciousness is fading
No!! I must get up
I can’t lose hope

I spit out my negativity
Is this really the color
that marks my end
The color  of the necklace she wore
If I could but see her face once more
But I can’t let her see me like this
There are some things she has to miss
(sniggers) They are all idiots
but I guess so am I
(sighh) I guess this is Goodbye


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