The Tale of Two Warriors: Win and Loss

Speaking of two warriors, this was the result when two minds decided to work together


There the two stand
Waiting to start
Like a race, it is
To begin the first part
They begin with the show of respect
Continues with that of enmity
Each one does truly expect
That he’ll win with dignity
Loss is what they must accept
Cause it isn’t what they choose
At times unfair means are not correct
Honor still lies, even if you lose

When a fight is a battle
Then there must lie unearthly will
For to save the loved from their demise
There must be an intent to kill
Wits are truly what keeps you alive
Even when you’re supposed to be dying
Power is something that can always arrive
But Strength truly helps when you’re crying
There are times when you must cheat
When having no choice, there’s only one way to save
Without fail, the enemy must face defeat
To kill your friends, the choice is grave
What lies in the end is bitter happiness
What lies beneath is the sorrow
The sight but causes utter sadness
For to those there is no tomorrow

Now from the two only one does stand
There are joyful times even when both can
What started with respect ends with respect on this land
The endless courage lies during their lifespan

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