Changing What’s Done

The Sea of life
filled with endless regret
Because of the infinite strife
Sometimes our goals aren’t met
However if I could be born again
or maybe just go back in time
I could stop that which made it insane
Maybe even change any bad rhyme
If I could go back, I’d obviously try changing a lot
as there’s never less mistakes for any
Cause, like me that is what many will have sought
Leaving others, mine at least are more than many
If I had to rank them or place by number
The choices for this will be as hard as was then
The list would be taller than a giant cucumber
Cause I’ll want to change even this all over again

Firstly it will be my ability to take information
for which the method may have been wrong
However when its dire, a solution is a solution
I have other mistakes to change, so must not take long
Therefore if I can change my performances on paper
It will change many of what’s happened so far
So much that instead my achievements will skyscraper
My dad might even give me my own car
Next I would modify my strategies in chess
All the mistakes I’ve made in all tournaments so far
Then instead of me, my opponents will end up in a mess
Giving me many more wins and making me a star
If I had the power to go back I’d change everything I’ve said
and show something different and give a cause for more attention
Creating a much better impression than which has been made
Only then will I get the love and the cause for temporary salvation

From the fake, deceiving “I love you”s to the honest, real ones
and all other swears do I yearn to rearrange
From the weird “Now I know what ice feels like” to the sudden turns
All these are so much that I’d just love to change


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